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Epilepsy - Enriching Lives Through Music

Through working with Torie I have become much more aware of how epilepsy (seizures and drugs) can affect someone’s memory and day-to-day tasks; including when...

I'm Not My Epilepsy - I'm My Art

I have always had a love affair with art: it has saved me during my two major health crises’; from losing my sight and becoming legally blind to then being di...

Epilepsy: A Misunderstood Disorder in India

I never knew about Epilepsy until I was being diagnosed and my neurologist was explaining the precautions I needed to take for my own Epilepsy. ...

Epilepsy and Suicide - the Increased Risk

The prevalence of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and completed suicide among people living with epilepsy is found to be significantly higher than in those ...

I Am Not Epilepsy - I am Rebecca

I’m not going to lie, I’m not happy about having epilepsy. I can’t drive or stay up too late and I have to get up at 7am to take my medication and have br...

Pharmacists Helping People With Epilepsy

Pharmacists are the experts of medicine and they have a role to play in the health care of those with epilepsy and I want to find out more about how Community P...

Every Person Deserves a Great Podiatrist - Epilepsy, Downs Syndrome or Not!

We ensure that people affected by epilepsy and/or Downs Syndrome have a calm and peaceful space and that they don't hold their breath for too long! We must gain...

Finding Hope, Digging Deep and Moving On – Through Epilepsy Connections

My name is Steven Connelly, I am a Volunteer with Epilepsy Connections in Glasgow, Scotland and I am a Community Pioneer as part of the Co-op; working to improv...

Epilepsy & Mental Illness - A True Story from a Mental Health Nurse

There is a proven high comorbidity between those diagnosed with epilepsy and mental illnesses. A recent study done by the NCBI estimated that 39.9% of people wi...


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