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If like us, you’d like to contribute to raising awareness regarding epilepsy, then already, we thank you! What you could do:

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You don’t have to have epilepsy yourself – maybe a member of your friend, family member, an employee/colleague of yours has the condition. Or, maybe you do have epilepsy and want to share your story.

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We are always looking for those who think along the same lines as us (education, equality, honesty, humour) to contribute to our website, blog and social media. If you or someone you know fancies a challenge, contact us.

share your story

Epilepsy affects more than 70million people worldwide and the experience is different for each and every person. Epilepsy research is severely under-funded. Help others feel less alone and the public more aware by sharing your story.

If you can make us smile – please do! By sharing your story you can help us change the tide for epilepsy awareness and research. Click here to Guest-blog with us!