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Thank you Epilepsy Sparks, you give me so much strength and your posts really help meto try and understand this awful life changing thing called epilepsy that my gorgeous little girl has.


I was just wondering if you see the posts on social media in the other groups? I find some of them quite depressing at times. Your posts are very inspiring and I just love them. Thank you.

- Anonymous

I just want to say a lot of what you said with stress and epilepsy is refreshing to see. It is nice to have reminders to slow down every once in a while.

- Joshua

Thank you so much for what you do…every day! Thank you for what you are doing to improve the lives of those in our epilepsy community.

- Artists Against Epilepsy

I love this page. I belong to a few epilepsy pages and this is the only one whose posts I read. I need positive supportive posts and that’s what you guys provide. Thanks!!!!!!

- Kelly

Thank you so much!! I love EVERYTHING you do! You keep me going every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Kimberley

Many of the posts I can relate to…never had I found one like the post that was yesterday…where it explained exactly how we feel for those of us who were diagnosed with epilepsy at an adult stage…I had to share it with my partner. Thank you.

- Magali

Great work! I really enjoy your positive posts. So true that many medics outside of neurology/neurophysiology are just as in the dark as the man on the street.

- Andrea

Love these people 💜 feel free to join if you would like education about epilepsy and how it effects our day to day life.

- Jammie Shelton, USA, Nurse

Every time I read your posts on epilepsy they are very inspirational and helps people like me to push forward.

- Christina Marshall, UK, Artist

Thanks for sharing this very important information because many people don’t know how and what to do when affected or when giving care to the affected person since in most cases one efen fails to explain to other people how they feel and what they go through but knowing about this page has helped me as a care giver.

- Kuduzi Ken, Sudan, Charity Founder

This Association actually cares about people, and saving lives that are afflicted with epilepsy.

- Stacii Floyd, USA, CEO - Brain Epilepsy Festival

It’s all about the site, the way they spread and share Epilepsy information and it creates a powerful bonding between the people who run the site & People who have Epilepsy, Advocate 💜

- Jason Hughes, UK

Fantastic cause incredibly supportive and inspirational.

- Michael John Ringer, UK, Public Speaker & Trainer

This is a great page that not only supports a lot of people who have epilepsy but offers the latest information and educates people too! Keep up the great work!

- Zoe Gude, UK, Epileptology Graduate

A really friendly group with great advice...plenty of support in here...I'm learning so many things about myself and my daughter's epilepsy that I've never known before.

- Marina Wilkinson, UK

Thank you for your support. its wonderful knowing I'm not alone.

- Michelle Jordan, USA

Epilepsy Sparks is doing a lot of work in creating awareness about epilepsy in the UK and all over the world. Proud of them.

- Fred Kiserem, Kenya, CEO – Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation

I appreciate the information that I wasn't aware of.

- Gina Sampson, USA

As a Mum of a 1 year old with Epilepsy I have read a lot of your posts/Torie's posts and just wanted to say keep up all the good work that you do and feel free to share anything Epilepsy related in our Facebook Group - Tia's Treasures which is dedicated to Epilepsy Awareness 💜

- Lisa Hutchinson, UK, Tia’s Treasures

PROFUNDITY is the reason I recommend these people.

- Daryn Plasticmask, USA

I frequently use Epilepsy Sparks it’s easy to navigate & provides frequent updates of what’s going on the world of Epilepsy.

- Jayne Burton, UK, Former Nurse