Epilepsy Sparks


How We Started

Torie Robinson

After my brain surgery (temporal lobectomy), I became especially surprised by the shock of other people when they found out/I told them that I’d “had part of my brain removed”, that I was still on medication and that I still had a level of (albeit questionable) intellect. Becoming involved with other people with epilepsy I was also shocked at how so many of them were also not very knowledgeable about their own condition.

I truly believe that knowledge is power so I decided to start an educational blog (which was a little ranty to be honest!) about epilepsy and what it can be like to live with. I wanted to educate the masses for the benefit of those who are not able (or for whatever reason, willing) to speak for themselves and indeed the many millions around the world who have a diagnosis of epilepsy but don’t know much about it.

I decided to use the blog as an opportunity to learn more about epilepsy myself, to liaise directly with neurologists and neuroscientists and learn about the exciting side of epileptology, neuroscience and research.

One thing led to another and when I couldn’t do all of the writing myself I decided to ask other’s to become involved. We now have literally people from all over the world sharing their story through Epilepsy Sparks, sparking conversation, education, hope, excitement (science & tech!) and bridging that gap between those with the diagnosis of epilepsy, their families and friends, their employers and the neuro-professionals in both medicine and research.


Sparking Dialogue And Transformation

Epilepsy Sparks CEO

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