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  • Include key epilepsy/neurology/neurosurgery/neuroscience terminology where appropriate
  • Give your blog an intriguing title
  • Ensure that your photos/imagery are of high quality
  • Breaking your blog into paragraphs and bullet points with sub-headings that make the content easy to read
  • Make your blog both educational and interesting to our target audience
  • Include some inspiration and finish on a positive note
  • Ensure that your blog is factual rather than fictional
  • Include up-to-date medical terminology
  • Ensure that your blog contains no grammatical errors
  • include a high-definition photo of yourself plus at least 2 other images. to include in the blog.All images must be obtained legally and be legal for us to publish . Ensure that you have legal permission from the copyright holders and credit all images
  • Include hyperlinks to referred articles,statistics and quotes.Ensure that your references are listed numerically in the sources section of your blog

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