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The Vileda Seizure

I’d been cleaning the bathroom which included mopping the floor tiles. I’d left the bucket in the bathroom......

It Walks Like a Duck & Talks Like a Duck... But It's a Lizard

Epilepsy seems like a pretty straightforward diagnosis to make. If you have seizures, basically you have epilepsy, right? Wrong....

Employers & Epilepsy - UK Parliamentary event

This week I attended a meeting in the London Parliamentary Estate as an Ambassador for The Corporate Alliance...

BrainWaves Podcast with Jim Siegler, Neurologist, Pennsylvania

Today my first podcast re epilepsy was released. It was rather exciting! I was interviewed by the lovely Jim Siegler......

Things Not To Say To Someone With Epilepsy

Today the BBC3 “What Not To Say To Someone With Epilepsy” was released on YouTube! We filmed this......

Public Fear of Epilepsy

Right. Fear is down to ignorance. I hadn’t seen (that I’m aware of) any type of seizure until I had video telemetry......


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