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Things Not To Say To Someone With Epilepsy

Things Not To Say To Someone With Epilepsy

So. Quick update/news. Today the BBC3 “What Not To Say To Someone With Epilepsy” was released on YouTube! We filmed this about a month ago in London, with a fab crew. It really was fun!

Epilepsy Action contacted me a few days prior asking if I’d be interested in doing the filming and I immediately got rather excited and of course said yes!

The chap I’m sat next to in the video (Daniel Bedeau) and I hadn’t previously met but had of course the lovely epilepsy in common (notice the sarcasm). In fact, we’d both had a temporal lobectomy so we quickly found something to chat about prior to filming. What was interesting was that we agreed on some things re epilepsy but not on others. How epilepsy affects your life, your family, friends, etc., is different for everyone.

Hearing about Daniel’s career was inspiring. He’s one busy chap. We actually swapped numbers afterwards and Daniel linked me up with a connection of his from an Epilepsy Action Support Group and I’m going to present at their group later this year. So even the delightful condition epilepsy can provide you with new connections and opportunities!

Let me know what you think of the video!

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