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The Vileda Seizure

The Vileda Seizure

I now haven’t had a tonic-clonic for a couple of years and I’m so grateful to The Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery for that. But, I have a story. Which makes me giggle now. Well, you know, giggle and sigh.

A precursor: I’d been cleaning the bathroom which included mopping the floor tiles. I’d left the bucket in the bathroom to allow the water to evaporate before I put it away. Just imagine a Vileda bucket on the floor.

I had been up late (I know… not ideal) and popped to the loo. I felt an aura coming on (luckily for me, I almost always had an aura) and so quickly sat on the floor (I could feel the seizure wasn’t messing around and that my brain was going for it).

So I was sitting on the tiles in the bathroom and that’s all I remember. I had a pretty awful tonic-clonic seizure and ended up in an interesting position. I say “interesting” because apparently when my boyfriend Steve rushed into the bathroom after hearing my troubled breathing and groaning, I was “lying” sideways on the floor, convulsing, with my head in the Vileda bucket.

Steve called the ambulance because he was worried that the seizure had lasted more than 5 mins (he had forgotten to time it since he came in and wasn’t sure how long it had been going on for because he’d been in a separate room). I vaguely recall being in bed with some paramedics around me. Apparently, I upset poor Steve because I didn’t even know his name for about an hour. 

Because it was a pretty bad seizure and took me so long to “come round”, the paramedics took me to the local hospital; just in case I had a cluster (which, luckily I didn’t). I don’t remember the hospital at all actually (which is weird because I have a slight, very vague recollection of being in bed with the paramedics by my side).

This was my first tonic-clonic post-surgery. As you can imagine, I was more than a little upset about it. You know, I’d hoped, just hoped that I wouldn’t have any more seizures at all.* It was an exhausting, painful experience (there were a few bruises) and although I was thinking straight a couple of hours afterwards, it took me 2/3 days to recover physically.

Anyway. I had a marvellous sleep after this seizure. Luckily I didn’t break any bones or injure myself physically. One has to look on the positive side… 

PS The paramedics that we have in the London Ambulance Service are amazing. I cannot thank them enough.

*I’ve only had 3 tonic-clonics since my surgery in 2013 which is brilliant.

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