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Purple Day – What That Means

Purple Day – What That Means

Purple Day is about Epilepsy. We nabbed the colour purple. Hey, why not?!

It shouldn’t be required for us to have one specific day to talk about the most common neurological condition in the world (sigh!), but, it’s fantastic that we have it. Let’s chat. Talk to your friends, family, employers, colleagues – and if you don’t fancy doing that/feel that you can’t, just know that there are 73,999,999 other people who also have epilepsy. We give you virtual hugs.

If you have 2mins, please check out my video (below) – it’s real, it’s personal and it’s from the heart.

For those who’d like to support us in any way, please post this blog wherever you see fit, present it to your employers, your families, friends, etc.

If you’d like to support those affected by epilepsy, please contact Epilepsy Action (those in the UK), or Epilepsy Western Australia (those in WA).

If your employer (corporate), school, college, uni require any info on this, just give me a shout.

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