Epilepsy Sparks

For the detection of Nocturnal Seizures*

The NightWatch alleviates the pressure on parents and caregivers by warning them wirelessly and timely of the majority* of clinically urgent, severe nocturnal epileptic seizures. It is very easy to install and use in a home setting.

The NightWatch can be linked up with a digital or optional GSM-based call system to enable people experiencing the seizures to live more independently.

Clinically proven to be effective

A large-scale study at the SEIN (Centre of Excellence for Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine, Netherlands) and Kempenhaege (Expertise par Excellence for complex epilepsy, sleep disorders and neurological learning and developmental disorders) involving a large group of patients over thousands of nights, has shown that the NightWatch detects over 85% of clinically urgent seizures and notifies caregivers in time.

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Safer night for people with epilepsy Watch a video about NightWatch