Epilepsy Sparks

Epilepsy Was New To Me As A Friend & As An Employer

Epilepsy Was New To Me As A Friend & As An Employer

My name is Jithin J Naduvath1 and I’m the CEO of the IT firm: Infintor2;  which was founded in 2014.

·         My passion is entrepreneurship;

·         I am from India3 (although work in Doha4Qatar5) and my love for Indian food is immense!

·         I like books related to business and self-empowerment. I’m currently reading The Greatness Guide6 by Robin Sharma7;

·         Inspiration comes from every nook and corner, from big business magnets to your neighbour who runs his own grocery. I look for inspiration in every little thing I see

Epilepsy8 was quite new to me until I met someone at the airport in Doha; my friend Torie Robinson9 who had unpredictable seizures. We were having a business meeting to discuss a website - but because of the title of Epilepsy Sparks I asked Torie some questions about it. Torie was the one who explained to me what the condition actually is about. To be honest I didn’t know much about epilepsy at all before she told me and explained more on the details of the problems and the misconceptions people have about epilepsy.

There was an incident regarding epilepsy that I do recollect from my college days though: 

Hostel ragging10 was unfortunately very common back when I was at college and my batchmates11 (those in the same year as me) were being ragged. During all of this one of my batchmate’s who had epilepsy suddenly dropped to the floor and started shaking in what turned out to be a generalised tonic-clonic seizure12. We rushed him to the hospital (we didn’t know what else to do) and he was fine in a day or two. But then we didn’t take it seriously because none of us knew the effects that seizures had on people, we didn’t know how it was living with epilepsy and we didn’t know that there were other forms of it.

Torie told me about how many people with epilepsy face discrimination at work and public places, that they often might not get the job they wanted, could be excluded from social groups, and could feel isolated.

UntiI I met Torie, I thought that people with epilepsy weren’t efficient enough to work, but our conversation proved me wrong. People with epilepsy can be equally efficient and eligible like any other person.

One of the reasons behind these discriminations is the false media representations and how they give a totally different meaning to the word epilepsy. I now know that today’s medication can often very successfully treat patients with epilepsy, and that people with it can conquer challenges just like any other human being.

Epilepsy is common and various measures can be taken to spread awareness and reduce discrimination against those with it. Learning through reading credible social media accounts, epilepsy blogs, and articles and having conversations by people with the condition can help you understand about epilepsy to an extent.

I wouldn’t discriminate anyone with the condition nor is it a drawback for working in my company. Efficient and hard-working people are always welcome. No matter if they are in India or Qatar; my approach would be the same.

To hire people based on their ability and to not keep them from opportunities because they have epilepsy is very, very important and other employers need to learn this.


                                                                      Some of the team at Infintor!

Jithin J Naduvath, CEO of Infintor



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