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BrainWaves Podcast with Jim Siegler, Neurologist, Pennsylvania

BrainWaves Podcast with Jim Siegler, Neurologist, Pennsylvania

Today my first podcast re epilepsy was released. It was rather exciting! I was interviewed by the lovely Jim Siegler, Neurologist and Podcast-Master (Podcast-Master term added by me) from the University of Pennsylvania, US. The podcast is called Brain Waves.

Jim asked me questions about how epilepsy has affected me throughout my life from the first seizure that I recall, through to surgery, through to the present. I also mentioned my febrile status epilepticus as a baby, which lasted an hour. We spoke about my diagnosis, experiencing a seizure (or a few more…!), the help (or lack thereof) that I received and the physical, psychological and social effects on my life.

Humour was essential (that’s one of the coping mechanisms, right?!) and Jim really made me giggle.

Doing a podcast with Jim gave me the opportunity to speak in more detail about epilepsy from a patients’ perspective, talking about the past and present. I hate the word “journey” but if I’m going to be “trendy” with my vocabulary then I guess that it’s the word that many would use (gosh, I can’t believe that I just wrote that word in my blog).

Jim’s podcasts are effectively neurology education for neurologists and trainees, enabling them to listen to articles in addition to traditional, often time-consuming traditional reading. The podcasts also give them the opportunity to listen to neurological issues from the patients’ perspective a bit more and therefore treat us more effectively. Check out BrainWaves on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrainWavesAudio

I would like to say, that my most recent neurologist (who has now left me, sob… ok, he moved countries!) was fantastic. The best. I will write another article about my experience with him and neurologists in general.

So, here’s the podcast! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it: http://brainwaves.me/epilepsy-is-a-btch/

  Torie Robinson

    Public Speaker, Advisor & Epilepsy Sparks Founder