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How to Blog With Us

If you want to pitch a post to us, submit it using the this form. Below are some guidelines to have a look through before submitting a piece.

How to write the best blog

  • Submission: Bloggers can submit a blog on an epilepsy topic of choosing, but we ask and encourage all bloggers to write on subjects they have personal experience of or demonstrable expertise in. Always ask: why does the Epilepsy Sparks audience need to hear this from me, and why now?
  • Relevancy: We want to offer readers trusted, authoritative voices on epilepsy, so please do consider whether the subject you’re blogging on will be relevant to Epilepsy Sparks’ audience before you submit. If in doubt, we recommend that you have a scan of our blog before you submit a post to make sure you’re blogging around a subject we know our readers will care about.
  • Passion: Our experience shows that blogs that are passionately written, relating to a personal experience or to the news agenda resonate best with our readers. Always ask yourself: why should the Epilepsy Sparks audience read this now? Have your blog focus on your experience of epilepsy.
  • Language: Make sure your language is engaging, persuasive and written for a wide audience. Blogs must be in the first person and be opinion-led, persuasive and geared toward our target audience. Avoid sales language and terms. Exclude expletives.
  • Editing: Bar typos, house style or legal issues, we will not edit your piece. We will, with your permission, change your title for SEO or clarity reasons. We recommend pieces are between 500-800 words, and please do bear in mind that we expect you to submit a post as you would be happy to see it live.
  • Publishing: We will aim to publish either within 14days of submission or when we feel your post will be most likely to capture our readers, but please bear in mind we do not work evenings or on weekends. With a small team and thousands of bloggers able to contribute to Epilepsy Sparks, sometimes it can take longer during busy times and news events.
  • Cross-posting: If you already blog elsewhere, you are more than welcome to cross-post with us at the same time as you publish yours online or a few days later, and you can link straight back to your site at the bottom saying it first appeared there. We will not cross-post pieces that are old or no longer relevant to our readers.
  • Imagery: We encourage bloggers to embed photos and video within your posts but please make sure you have permission from the copyright holder and credit any images, else your post will be declined.
  • URLS: Remember to include URLs to relevant links, quotes, etc., in your blog.
  • Social Media Links: Remember to include links to your relevant social media profiles and your website.
  • Easy to read: Include an introduction to who you are. Break your blog into paragraphs and bullet points with subheadings that make the content easy to read. Include 500-750 words.
  • Positivity & Education: We totally welcome education re the struggles you’ve encountered but make ensure that you make the reader smile. Start the blog on a positive note and finish on a positive note.
  • Facts: We welcome fact and not fiction.
  • Terminology: Make sure that you use current terminology when it comes to epilepsy/medicine. For example, the terms “grand mal” and “petit mal” are too general and are now outdated.
  • Quality: Check out what our other guest bloggers have written. We value quality of quantity and so do readers. Provide useful information and relatable stories.

What won’t we publish?

  • Anything too niche, too introspective or diary-like or that are airing personal business that won’t be of relevance to wider readers.
  • We do not accept interviews, straight travel reviews or reviews of locations, activities, products, films, music or events. We will, however, accept blogs that critique pieces of media and talk about the wider social issues raised.
  • We won’t accept anything from bloggers that endorses a product or reads like a publicity post. We will ban bloggers who breach this guideline.
  • As bloggers are not employees or representatives of Epilepsy Sparks, we will ban bloggers who use the Epilepsy Sparks name to obtain access to events, people or products.
  • We retain the right not to publish pieces that fall below our quality expectations or that we, in our experience, know there won’t be an audience for.


  • Include key epilepsy/ neurology/ neurosurgery/ neuroscience terminology where appropriate
  • Give your blog an intriguing title
  • Ensure that your photos/imagery are of high quality
  • Breaking your blog into paragraphs and bullet points with sub-headings that make the content easy to read
  • Make your blog both educational and interesting to our target audience
  • Include some inspiration and finish on a positive note
  • Ensure that your blog is factual rather than fictional
  • Include up-to-date medical terminology
  • Ensure that your blog contains no grammatical errors
  • include a high-definition photo of yourself plus at least 2 other images. to include in the blog.All images must be obtained legally and be legal for us to publish . Ensure that you have legal permission from the copyright holders and credit all images
  • Include hyperlinks to referred articles,statistics and quotes.Ensure that your references are listed numerically in the sources section of your blog

I acknowledge that all information: text, imagery and links provided are legally sourced and accurate. They may be used in any way to represent and promote work at Epilepsy Sparks. I acknowledge that all of the information that I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.